Sundance Channel Announces Reality TV for Design Fans

Photo via UnBeige, courtesy of Albert Ferreira for Sundance Channel

Shamefully for a publicist, I don’t actually spend that much time in front of the boob tube (apart from late night binging on Investigation Discovery and the occasional re-run of the RHBH). Maybe Sundance Channel‘s new design-focused reality TV will beckon me back.  From the descriptions, it sounds like crack for design nerds.

For fashion fans, Garo Unleashed and All on the Line promise to be ripe with drama and dripping with product.  Then there’s the American Idol for designers, Quirky. Will Ben Kaufman will be to product designers what Kelly Ripa is to housewives with sock slots?  My guess is that if the products proposed actually end up solving some kind of problem and not being completely wasteful, this could be pretty rad.  Personally, I can’t wait to catch Ludo Bites America. How will Middle America react to the Frenchman’s own brand of “bistronomy”?  Oh, and what reality TV line-up would be complete without its own platinum-maned diva?

Ah, Sundance.  Thank you?


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