Been: artMRKT SF

The City of San Francisco was alive with art this past weekend.  We were lucky enough to be in town on a quick 24-hour kamikaze trip so, sandwiched  somewhere in between a meeting at Chez Panisse (which was of course so delicious that it defies explanation…I stole a menu to commemorate the occasion in Cael’s baby book) and staffing the Peace Industry spring art party, we made a quick but inspiring stop at artMRKT SF.

I felt at artMRKT much the same as I felt when I walked Art Basel Miami: woefully art-ignorant.  Luckily ignorance did not keep us from admiring what we liked. For some reason my eyes kept drawing me to collage.  With five aisles of booths, it’s all quite a blur but the standout out was definitely Traywick Contemporary. Featured artist Amy Kaufman showcased some geometric works like Cocoon that are elegant in their simplicity.  While they weren’t on show at artMRKT, Egg Coal and Night Flower are also gorgeous.  Traywick’s other featured artist and SF-based artisan Benicia Gantner combines two of my favorite things: collage and vinyl. She’s is truly a magician with vinyl.

Artist Andy Burgess takes the cake for being the absolute most friendly and happy man on the show floor.  While the glow might have come from selling most of his pieces, I think it’s mostly attributable to 3-month-old-daddy-high.  I liked his architectural oil paintings, but his collage (again with the collage) using vintage matchbooks to create cityscapes was really interesting, especially if you like ephemera.  He sells his work directly online too, though his website could use a little design upgrade.

Lastly, maybe because we’ve been immersed in the world of street art thanks to the Estria Foundation, we were also drawn to Ferrin Gallery‘s Streetwise exhibition featuring intricately painted spray paint cans.  I actually liked the photography of the exhibition more than the art pieces themselves.  I’d be happy with a blown up print of their collateral!

California Home and Design Names a New Executive Editor

We’ve heard through the grapevine that California Home and Design has just named a new Executive Editor and that under its new leadership, we can probably expect to see some changes from the San Francisco-based magazine.  Erin Feher started at Hartle Media (now McEvoy Media) as an intern, but in four short years has earned herself a spot at the big table.  This teacup redhead packs a powerful punch in terms of verve, style, and vision, and, if our last conversation over cocktails was any indication of what’s to come, the next issue June/July issue of California Home and Design is going to take the magazine in a new and exciting direction.  Think younger demographic, edgier styling, wider accessibility, ratcheted-up coolness, and a bit more of that je ne sais quoi that we loved in Domino.

We can’t wait to see it.  And we’d like to wish a warm congrats to the fabulous Erin Feher!

Take one last look at the California Home and Design of yore.  February and March 2011 covers below.