Been: SASAKI Penthouse Studio Party

This past week we stopped by SASAKI’s studio for an end-of-summer soiree.  Since Dwell on Design, the artist has been very busy working on several different international projects, including a massively interactive heartbeat drawing that he conducted via Skype between LA and Tokyo.  Besides getting a chance to roam around his studio (Kumi and I were totally busted sneaking a peek inside a closet), guests were also treated to a special live performance.  As a live drummer beat a rhythm, SASAKI stood inside a wire cube painting the “heartbeat” in white water-based paint on a clear plastic canvas.  The result: an ephemeral, evaporating heartbeat.  Quite poignant.  The clear plastic film is transformed into a mirrored work of art.

The artist is now officially a permanent resident of our fair city .  If you’d like to see more of his work, he’ll be showing his work in-studio through September 22nd. To make an appointment to visit his studio and view his art, contact him here.

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