Been: Brewery Art Walk

The Brewery Art Walk

After a visit to the Brewery in August for a studio tour with de LaB, we decided that it was about time that we made it to the biannual Art Walk to see what it’s all about.  This past weekend, we packed up the visiting in-laws and headed over to Lincoln Park to check it out.  The  sun was a lot, the beer was cold, and the studios were fascinating.  I can understand why some artists kept their doors closed though.  The Art Walk is like a giant, unapologetic open house.  Hundreds of lookiloos trapsing through your living space, judging your work, poking about your space.  Not entirely pleasant of you’re the private type of artist who requires solitude.  But then again, that’s what you sign up for to live in this thriving community of artists.

Chakacoco, pet fashion

Among the highlights, Cael made a new friend at the (I’m guessing, eponymously) named Chakacoco studio.  We also popped in on our friends at Fresh Pressed to check out their new loft.  They gave up their storefront in Hollywood so they could focus on design, but the good news is they still travel and print on-site at events. Hip Cooks was making empanadas when we stopped by and definitely had the best-smelling studio.  Sister studio Retimade was also there showcasing some gorgeous and irresistible eye-popping glass jewelry.  And we developed an instant art crush on Sam Kopels‘ abstract landscapes of LA which use color to evoke place.  All in all, fun.

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