Secret Agent Supper #1

There’s no better way to celebrate than to cook and enjoy a good meal together, so Secret Agent decided to host our first-ever “Secret Agent Supper” this year with the help of Hipcooks, a West Coast guild of cooking studios that teach students to unleash their inner cooks.  We gathered at Hipcooks East at the Brewery for Una Noche de Tapas.  The DIY meal kicked off with an array of olives and delicious manchego with membranillo (quince paste) followed by handmade empanadas, tortilla espagnol, garlicky gambas, a fresh arugula salad, and of course some hot sticky nuts.  We topped the meal off with a ridiculously sweet but gorgeous flan replete with handmade sugar sculpture.  Besides a full belly, we all walked away with the basic recipes for the next tapas extravaganza with ideas on how to improvise.  Great fun, good food, and even better company.

Big thanks to everyone who braved rush hour traffic to get there.  Next year, we hope to host more intimate and fun Secret Agent Suppers with clients, friends, and the amazing creative people we meet through our work infiltrating the media in the name of good design.  All, of course, to be hosted at undisclosed locations.  And yes, invitations will self-destruct upon receipt.

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