2012: Year in Review

Secret Agent PR

We should have known when we were listing our New Year’s Resolutions in February, that 2012 would be a crazy year.  It’s been a pleasant blur but more than anything, 2012 has been a year of growth and building.  As we break for the holidays and look back at the year under our belts and forward at the year to come, all we can say is that we’re thankful.


Thanks to our great clients.

party pic

Thanks to our amazing friends.


Thanks to our supportive families.

spring arts tower

Thanks to the universe for conspiring to bring us from Lincoln Heights to the Spring Arts Tower.  Downtown rules.

SAPR crew

Special thanks to our friends McKenna and Carla and Janina for helping us accomplish our most important goal for the year: revamping our website and brand overall.  New website to launch in January.  It’s about time we got our act together!

We love this creative, fulfilling life and can’t really think of anything else that we’d rather be doing.  Except maybe living on our very own island in the Aegean….