Spotted: BNIB

Even though I have yet to meet many of our neighbors at the the Lacy Studio Lofts, that doesn’t prevent me from eyeballing their spaces whenever I rush by or let Brutus take a pee break.  I’ve often wondered what the big food truck-looking van outside was all about since it definitely has not been serving up snacks.  And now I know.

For my hipster, biking friends of the dude variety, BNIB is a must-see.  Part magazine, part retail gallery, BNIB stands for “brand new in box” and this upstart brand peddles only the best and hippest in accessories, shoes, and other little goodies for the Calif-urban man (who I imagine must have stubble, no collar ever, a coffee obsession and a bike).  Among the most conversation-worthy finds at BNIB (besides the sweet man shoes): the Equilibryum bracelet which the guys at BNIB swear works way better than its less attractive QVC cousin (we’re skeptical, prove it!), the hot ass man technology like these Oma Monarch speakers, the undeniably manly Insight candles, and the Mister SF Bracelets (wait, are these seriously manly?)

So while the BNIB food truck won’t be dolling out any snacks any time soon, it will be making the short trip down Lacy Street to park out side the Secret Agent PR – Attack! Marketing party tonight where it will be serving up hot shoes and delicious accessories for the dudes.  So if you’re planning on stopping by our office-warming sumo-meets-secret-agent shin dig this evening, be sure to check out the BNIB shop and grab some nosh from the real food trucks outside, rain and windstorms not withstanding.

And if you can’t make it, then make sure to stop by BNIB’s first brick and mortar space, fondly known as the BOX, to get your shop on, boys. (We won’t make fun of you if you by the Mr. Beads Bracelet.  Promise.)

The Mini Skirt Turns 50

Photo by Romano Cagnoni

Being stuck in traffic has its perks, namely catching really good stories on the radio (thank you KCRW, KPCC, and now BBC World!).  The other day  BBC World’s Witness show featured an interview with fashion designer Mary Quant celebrating the 50th anniversary of the mini-skirt.  Without Mary, who knows where our hemlines would be today?

Apparently still sporting her trademark Vidal Sasson hair cut, Mary Quant is still designing today.  But she’ll always be remembered for leading a fashion revolution and single-handedly creating a look that came to embody swinging London.  Taking the hemline from the mid-shin to way above the knee and only slightly below the cheeks, Mary gave women a new sense of freedom.   Her skirts made the likes of Twiggy famous, and probably made countless other women resort to pants.  But love it or hate it, the mini skirt is a pretty symbolic little piece of clothing.

Among her other ingenious creations?  Colored tights!  I have a few friends who would be pretty naked without their colored tights!  So thank you, Mary.  And happy birthday, Mini Skirt!

Listen to the awesome story here.

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Sundance Channel Announces Reality TV for Design Fans

Photo via UnBeige, courtesy of Albert Ferreira for Sundance Channel

Shamefully for a publicist, I don’t actually spend that much time in front of the boob tube (apart from late night binging on Investigation Discovery and the occasional re-run of the RHBH). Maybe Sundance Channel‘s new design-focused reality TV will beckon me back.  From the descriptions, it sounds like crack for design nerds.

For fashion fans, Garo Unleashed and All on the Line promise to be ripe with drama and dripping with product.  Then there’s the American Idol for designers, Quirky. Will Ben Kaufman will be to product designers what Kelly Ripa is to housewives with sock slots?  My guess is that if the products proposed actually end up solving some kind of problem and not being completely wasteful, this could be pretty rad.  Personally, I can’t wait to catch Ludo Bites America. How will Middle America react to the Frenchman’s own brand of “bistronomy”?  Oh, and what reality TV line-up would be complete without its own platinum-maned diva?

Ah, Sundance.  Thank you?