2012: Year in Review

Secret Agent PR

We should have known when we were listing our New Year’s Resolutions in February, that 2012 would be a crazy year.  It’s been a pleasant blur but more than anything, 2012 has been a year of growth and building.  As we break for the holidays and look back at the year under our belts and forward at the year to come, all we can say is that we’re thankful.


Thanks to our great clients.

party pic

Thanks to our amazing friends.


Thanks to our supportive families.

spring arts tower

Thanks to the universe for conspiring to bring us from Lincoln Heights to the Spring Arts Tower.  Downtown rules.

SAPR crew

Special thanks to our friends McKenna and Carla and Janina for helping us accomplish our most important goal for the year: revamping our website and brand overall.  New website to launch in January.  It’s about time we got our act together!

We love this creative, fulfilling life and can’t really think of anything else that we’d rather be doing.  Except maybe living on our very own island in the Aegean….

Yearly Dose of Narcissism with a Smidge of Socrates

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I believe it was Socrates that said that 99.9% of PR is appearance.  Alright, that may not be an exact quote, but it’s an accepted assumption in the industry.  We agree to a certain extent but like to think there is a lot of substance behind what we do.  So, as part of our 2012 overhaul, we realized that it was high time to focus a bit of time and effort on putting forth an image that complements the high caliber of our design clients.  We hired amazing photographer Carla Choy and squeezed a day-long shoot in between phone calls, e-mails, and a regular day at the office.  Talk about multi-tasking!  The result: some head shots for our new website and a fun secret agent team building exercise.

Joking aside, it actually was Socrates who said “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”  And in this case, we desire to appear like we enjoy what we do, there’s substance behind appearance, and we look damned good in trench coats.

So without further adieu, we’re going to be unabashedly narcissistic and share a few pics from behind the scenes of our super fun photo shoot.  It’s weird actually being in front of the cameras for a change.  (And having eye lashes for four hours.)  Don’t worry, we won’t subject anyone to this again for a while.

Big thanks to Sherilyn Yi, songstress and make up artist for being patient with us!

This is our “cop” look.

Our “Inspector Clousseau” look

Tools of the trade

Lovely lashes

It takes A LOT to get pretty.

Agent C – Before

Agent J – In transformation

That’s right folks.  Behind the scenes ain’t pretty.

We keep telling Christine this should be her new perm-look.  Hawt.