Spotted: Child’s Own Studio

CHilds Own Studio, toy, craft

Oh, had we only spotted this a few months ago!  If your kid is a Baby Basquiat (or even if he’s not), then this is the perfect way to translate their imagination into a real (and huggable) object.  Child’s Own Studio is a brilliant craft-idea-turned-business that can transform a kid’s doodles into a real work of art and a totally unique keepsake.  The  process is simple.  Upload your child’s drawing, pay online, and just wait for your custom stuffed creation to arrive.  Of course, it’s way too late to order anything in time for Christmas but they’ll be taking orders again starting in January.  Check out their blog to see more of their adorable creations.  As Pablo Picasso said,Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”