Secret Agent HQ Featured on Apartment Therapy’s Unplggd

Photos by Laure Joliet and Abby Stone

We could play it cool and pretend like we’re not completely giddy with pride that Secret Agent PR’s humble HQ was featured last week on Unplggd, but then we’d be lying. We’re really not that cool.

Huge thanks to ph-antastic photographers and magical stylists Laure Joliet and Abby Stone for not only taking some amazing photos of our little space, but also for waiving their magic “pretty” wands.  I was seriously amazed at how Abby was able to transform a pile of random books and magazines into a perfectly lovely vignette in under 30 seconds.  (Will you please move in with me?)

Also, an even bigger thank you to Eddie Park for designing the amazing mobius strip shelves, and my friends at Lettuce and toHOLD for introducing me to one of their star pupils.

Next up on our list of design to-dos for the office?  We’re framing some of our best cover stories (like this one in Elle Decoration Germany) and going to create a lovely little DIY art piece for the big blank spot on our wall which was artfully omitted from the Unplggd story.  We can’t wait to share photos in a few months when we finally get it done.