Strike #1 and #3 Off the List

How did March creep into our calendars so deftly and quietly?  While we’re not at all ready for tax season, St. Paddy’s, or Easter, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been super busy at Secret Agent HQ paying some much-needed attention to, well, yours truly.  Our new year’s resolutions were not in vain.  Strike at least two off the list…partially!

#1: The Cobbler with No Shoes is Getting Some Chus!

We’re finally working on our website. For the time being, we’ve pulled down the old one so just look for us on Facebook or call us on our swanky phone lines if you need us. (Be sure to listen to the WHOLE message!) Brand spankin’ new site: ETA this spring.

#3: Movin’ on Up and Out to Lincoln Heights!

The secret agents are officially shacked up with the sumos!  We’ve moved into a new space at the Lacy Studio Lofts with Attack! Marketing.  We’re still putting on the finishing touches but hope to open up HQ for a little par-tay in April as well.

Now if only I were this good at keeping my personal resolutions…