The Mini Skirt Turns 50

Photo by Romano Cagnoni

Being stuck in traffic has its perks, namely catching really good stories on the radio (thank you KCRW, KPCC, and now BBC World!).  The other day  BBC World’s Witness show featured an interview with fashion designer Mary Quant celebrating the 50th anniversary of the mini-skirt.  Without Mary, who knows where our hemlines would be today?

Apparently still sporting her trademark Vidal Sasson hair cut, Mary Quant is still designing today.  But she’ll always be remembered for leading a fashion revolution and single-handedly creating a look that came to embody swinging London.  Taking the hemline from the mid-shin to way above the knee and only slightly below the cheeks, Mary gave women a new sense of freedom.   Her skirts made the likes of Twiggy famous, and probably made countless other women resort to pants.  But love it or hate it, the mini skirt is a pretty symbolic little piece of clothing.

Among her other ingenious creations?  Colored tights!  I have a few friends who would be pretty naked without their colored tights!  So thank you, Mary.  And happy birthday, Mini Skirt!

Listen to the awesome story here.

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