Been: X Ten Biennial at ATX

What inspires some of today’s most inspiring Angelenos?

This weekend, attendees of the X Ten Biennial at ATX were treated to a sneak peek into the creative minds of ten local visionaries, who were given ten minutes to share about their favorite artists and sources of inspiration. Organized by Leonardo Bravo (Big City Forum) and writer Jeremy Rosenberg, the Desert Island Discs-meets-PechaKucha-style event featured participants from every discipline – art, literature, design, architecture, anthropology, and even puppetry.

“It takes a foreigner to see Los Angeles in a different way than a native. That’s what David Hockney did for me,” cultural anthropologist and graphic designer Jim Heimann said about his personal source of inspiration.

Slake co-editor Laurie Ochoa shared a few beautifully illustrated articles from Joseph Pulitzer’s time at The World, along with a number of Inferno-esque images that prompted Slake co-editor Joe Donnelly to remark, “I didn’t know about your fascination with Hell, but it explains some things.”

Other highlights of the evening included a live puppet show from Emmy-nominated puppeteer Ronald Binion, surprise guitar solo from Joe Donnelly, and music by The Cartographers.

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